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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Circles In Everyday Life Project

This month Horne Learning Services is holding the "Circles In Everyday Life Project" from 9th - 21st March, 2015.

Students may design something like a poster, picture, collage or book, including 100+ words of explanation. They will have 2 classes to complete their projects. As always, we are looking for creativity, a lot of effort, and something unique and interesting. Awards will be given out for all the best entries:

Winner, 2nd place, and 3rd place trophies for The Circles In Everyday Life Project at Horne Learning Services

Winner, 2nd place, and 3rd place trophies for The Circles In Everyday Life Project at Horne Learning Services

Winner's plaque, adult category, for The Circles In Everyday Life Project at Horne Learning Services

Here are a few photos of students working on their projects during the first week:

Saturday, 14 March 2015

March 2015 Awards

Every March we present awards for the Longest Attending Students. This is our time to recognise and give back to those who have been studying with us for the long-term, to say thank you for using our services.

Following are the top five students who have been committed to Horne Learning Services, each of them for over 3 years:

Longest Attending Student as of March 2015: Marcus

#2: Ye Hao

#3: Jen Haw

#4: Yasmin

#5: Ser Han

Monday, 16 February 2015

February 2015 Newsletter

Meeeh - me-eee-eh - me-eee-eh . . . is it just me, or do you hear that goat too?

To kick off our February 2015 newsletter, let us wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Whether you're holding an open house, visiting open houses or just celebrating quietly with family, we hope this time of year will be enjoyable for you and bring you much happiness and prosperity.

The recently concluded GOAT SOUND COMPETITION has been documented on our facebook page and three winners have been selected:

1st place: Sharmayne
2nd place: Kuang Yee
3rd place: Jia Hao

Congratulations to the winners for producing the most life-like goat sounds. They each received 'angpao' (red packet) with a little monetary reward inside.

There are two themes for February - Chinese New Year, and Accommodation. Vocabulary, brainstorming, grammar, reading, writing and speaking exercises incorporate aspects of both themes. Speaking features every week this month, which we will be especially emphasizing in 2015, as we look to get our students to open up and express themselves and build confidence in speaking the English language.

As far as availability goes, classes are full to overflowing. Unfortunately there is no space for new students, only as current students stop. We will still add prospective students to our waiting list and hope to be able to enroll them in our classes as soon as possible.

We have opened up new classes for a maximum of 4 students per class. Each class will be for one hour (2 classes per week). Children will receive more close attention from the teacher while following the same syllabus. The fee for this class is set at RM50/hour. Classes can be held any time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday afternoons.

That's all for this month. Now let me invite that goat into my house for a drink . . . 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Annual Awards Part 1 - January 2015

Two awards were given out in January 2015 - Most Improved Student and Top Contributor. Most Improved Student goes to the student who has shown most improvement in our classes during the previous calendar year. Top Contributor is for the student who has excelled in all areas of our classes, participating fully and showing a great effort to learn.

Ye Yang is the first winner of the HLS Most Improved Student award. He showed great improvement in his all-round English in our classes, excelling in vocabulary games and writing sentences. Congratulations!

Kelly was the stand out student in the Top Contributor award. In 2014 she has excelled in all areas of our classes at HLS. She has showed great effort to improve her grammar, demonstrated creativity in various assignments and has gone the extra mile by doing work outside of the class too. Congratulations Kelly on being our first recipient of the Top Contributor award!